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Discover Katalyst

Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching

Emphasizing focus on your fundamental foods - the body, brain, spirit and belly connection.

Overwhelmed Nervous System

The changes that affect digestion don't start in your stomach. They actually start in your brain.

The human brain has a limited amount of resources. When you experience anxiety/emotional stress, what you're actually experiencing is an activation of the "fight or flight" response, which is designed to make it easier for you to escape perceived danger.

The fight or flight response takes up a lot of your brain's resources, so to compensate it slows down parts of your brain that aren't as necessary, such as the muscles involved in how we carry our physical structure and the muscles in digestion. Normally, since the fight or flight response is only supposed to be temporary, you would never notice that your digestion was changed. But because anxiety/emotional stress can be a constant, long term, chronic issue, you're left with a digestive tract that is not running correctly.

The Holistic Physical/Emotional Health Coaching

I offer brings a balanced connection to all of your connected components which includes illuminating  a focus on your “Fundamental Foods”.  This will guide you back to your center, align you with complete wellness and introduce you to a  “new normal” state of resonance with  yourself.

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